Tragic episode

Usually I don't bring any bags to go outside if I don't have to bring many things. So I always put my wallet, cellphone and keys into my pockets and go outside. This is a very good way for me because I don't very often forget to bring my wallet and cellphone.

A few months ago, I broke my cellphone because of my this habit. When I walked through a class room, I hit my leg on a desk. There is always my cellphone in my pocket so naturally it got broken. If the screen faced my leg side, I could have avoided breaking my cellphone, but it didn't. Fortunately, only the outside screen cracked and my cellphone still works. After that has happened, I will always put my cellphone so that the main screen faces my leg.

I would say that nowadays there are many big screen cellphones and many men carry it like me. I mean, I guess many people break their cellphones because of their habits. I just don't want to think that I am the only person who is a jackass.

Do you have a episode like mine?

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