Spring is around the corner

Reacetlly I would say that spring is aroud the corner even though today it is still the beginning of February. I can see some "Sakura" on the street. Also I feel something like the smell of spring. It means I sneeze a lot and my nose is running. Also my eyes are a little bit itchy. Yeah, I have a hay fever.

6 years ago I went to a hospital and a doctor told me I tested positive for hay fever. Actually I thought I never had hay fever but it was silly thinking. My blood test showed I have allergies to cedar and cypress pollen. When I was in Tokyo, my case was not only because of pollen but also air pollution. So if I move another place, my nose is better than when I lived in Tokyo because I guess Tokyo's air is one of the worst in the world. In fact, when I lived in Fukuoka, I was good and I didn't sneeze as much. Also, here in the bay area, it is not countryside but better than Tokyo I guess.

Anyway, I sneeze a lot and my "hay fever season" is coming even if now it is still only February. I don't know if this is the bay area's typical climate or if it was a mild winter. I should ask someone about that.

Sakura is already blooming!!

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