I eat Japanese foods everyday

I eat Japanese foods everyday.
Near my house, there are several Japanese supermakets and I can buy many kinds of Japanese foods there. Every week I go to there and buy natto, tofu, yakisoba and so on, so I can eat Japanese foods everyday.

But sometimes I think about myself and that my behavior is weird because I am living in a foreign country. There is the common saying that says "do in Rome as the Romans do". I totally don't do that. If I were younger like a high school student, I could eat American food every day life, but I can't. I'm not sure if it is because of my age or my nature.

Also, I have another reason for this. I don't know how to make American food. Everytime I go to an American grocery store, I can't imagine what I can cook because the selection of goods is totally different from Japanese stores. Nowadays I think I should find some good American food to cook!

I have some excuse for this. Many people want to do it and that's why there are many Asian or Japanese supermarkets in this area. I'm not the only one like this.

I'm lucky I can go to Japanese store here. I'm curious what kinds of foods people who live in other countries eat? Do they eat local foods or their own country's foods?

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