I'm curious about how women ask for things.

I'm not sure if every woman does this. I'm curious about the behavior of women. They ask me somethig even if they have an answer already.

Yesterday I went to my friend's house to celebrate his birthday. His wife wanted to make something special and that's why I went to their house a little bit earlier and his wife and I went to some shop when my friend went out. She wanted to buy several balloons and ornaments for him to decorate their house. When we chose balloons, she asked me which was better to choose. Actually, I had no idea what she wanted to do and I don't have any good sense of how to decorate a room. So I suggested to her some balloons but she didn't accept any my suggestions. I would say she already had some idea of how to decorate their room and she didn't need my opinion but she asked me. At that time, although I didn't say anything, I wanted to say "then you shouldn't ask me about that!!"

I have several similar experiences and I'm just curious why they asked me even if they already had their answer, when they chose something. Do they want to check their choice which will be better?

Actually, I want to be a good adviser and I want them to say "you think so?" But almost all cases my choice is rejected and I feel empty.... My opinion is not necessary for their choice.

By the way, my friend really grateful about the balloons(everything was her choice) and his wife looked very happy when she saw him. I enjoyed his birthday party!!

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