Do I need the Internet for my English?

I 'm addicted to the Internet.
I always use the Internet for everything which I want to know. When I want to go to new shop, I get some information and map using the Internet in advance.

Although the Internet is very usefull and improves my standard of living, I have some doubt. Because it is so convenient, I can see lots of Japanese everyday. When I want to know something, I feel compelled to use Japanese first because it is easy to understand... I don't want to deny everything, but sometime I feel the Internet is double-edged. There are a lot of Japanese in my environment even if I live in the U.S. Sometime I think that if I had come here 15 years ago, I would have only been able to read japanese in a dictionary and books. I know it is depends on me but I am weak willed.

Althogh I try to use English version software in these days.....

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