I'm not good at small talking.

I'm not good at small talking.
First reason is that I'm shy and I don't know what I can talk to someone about. I would say many American people are good at small talking and I'm curious what kind of topics they talk about. Especially, first time I meet someone, I have no idea what is a common things to talk about.

Do we talk about the weather?
Do I ask "where are you from?"

Even if I use Japanese, it is difficult to find the topics. My problem is not only my English is not good but also I have no idea to talk about. If I talk about myself, it sounds selfish. I guess asking something about a person is better.
But what can I ask about him/her?

What do you do?
Where do you live?

Usually, what do you talk about when you make small talk?
Do you have recommended topics or strategy?

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