I always have to guess to understand what people are talking about

I always have to guess to understand what people are talking about because I can't hear everything. I can hear only a few words and always guess what he/she is talking about. Especially, talking with people whom I don't know is one of the most difficult situations for me.I think there are two reasons for this.

One is I don't know his/her way of thinking. For instance, I have a friend who is Korean. His English is not good (like me) but I know his way of thinking. So I can guess what he wants to talk about. Sometimes, even though he said just one word, I could understand him and vice versa.

Another is they don't seem to care I'm not good at English. I would say they can recognize my mother tongue isn't English but their talking speed doesn't change at all. I'm not sure, but I guess almost all my acquaintances think about me, so they speak a little slower and use easier English and that's why I can guess easier than unknown people.

I had an episode. When I went to English school, some of my class mates said something in class. All of my classmates could understand what he wanted to say but my teacher couldn't. My hypothesis is like this. We always use broken English and guess something. And our guess abilities are better than my teacher even if we talk using English. Even though I could hear just one word, some times I can guess what my friends talk about.

Actually, I don't want to guess. I really want to hear more exactly because I often misunderstand, as my guess is not correct... I can hear only a few words and it's difficult to guess.

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