Do you have a talent for drawing?

I would say many people have a talent for drawing because they drew a lot when they were kids. I guess as we grow, we don't draw pictures as much and we lose our talent for drawing or forget how to draw bit by bit. Maybe I shouldn't use the word "talent", but anyway, as for me, I'm poor at drowing pictures from the images in my mind. I can't express myself through drawing. For instance, I talk with friend about cars, but I can't draw a car well. It is like a child's drawing and I am so embarrasssed. My drawings end up totally different then from what I imagined. When I was kid, I guess I could draw something from my mind. However, now I have no idea how to draw from my imagination.

I wonder why we quit drawing as we grow? When we were young, we drew a lot though. As we grow, we lose our ablity to draw, but what kind of skill do we get in it's place?

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