Conversations are like surfing.

Have you ever surfed or seen surfing? If you go to some beaches, you can see many surfers on the surface of the sea as they wait for a good wave. They have a rule which is one wave one person. But everyone wants to get a good wave, so many times they compete to get it. Conversations are like surfing. Only one person can speak while the other person listens to him/her and wait for their chance to speak. Whether it's one on one conversation or many people, only one person can speak at a time. Otherwise conversation doesn't come into effect. Good surfers have good eyes. I mean they can recognize which wave will be better to surf. If you decide that this wave is good in front of the wave, it's too late. The wave leaves you. Conversation also asks us to recognize where the story will go, or else we can't follow the subject.

When I was in Japan, I wanted to be a good conversation surfer and before I went to pub or Izakaya, I swore to myself that I should listen to other people's opinions and try to recognize what the subject is. I mean when I drink a lot, I can't control myself and I speak too much. Because of my promise, I would say I could have a good time there and I could catch a good wave!

Now, the situation is a little bit different. I can't ride the wave! One on one talking is OK, but when I was in a group, it was difficult for me to find a good wave. I mean, one time many people were talking about some issue and it was difficult for me to guess where the subject would go. As for one on one talking, the half topic is mine but group talking is not. In addition, if I have my opinion and want to say it, I need several minutes to organize in English before I speak. But when I have prepared to speak, everyone is already on another topic. Oh! Where is my wave? Wait!

My situation is just like a floating surfer on the sea. I always wait for my wave and try to catch it, but the wave leaves me. I want to ride the wave called conversation like a professional surfer.

I wanna ride on the wave. Where is my wave??

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