Is Doraemon junkie?

Recently I’ve borrowed a graphic novel titled “Doraemon” (It is written in English). Main character named Doraemon is from future and he is robot. He comes to the present time because Nobita-kun is like an idiot boy and Doraemon wants to help him. Doraemon has four-dimensional pocket on his stomach and many tools in there (I don’t know why pocket is four-dimentional) and helps Nobita-kun using those tools.

Doraemon also has many medical stuff to solve a problem. For instance, Nobita-kun is very drone person and he gets into trouble because of his character. So, Doraemon takes out two medicines named “Quick” and “Slow” has the opposite effect.

When I returned this comic to my friend, he read a little and told me, Doraemon has a lot of medical stuffs and he looks like a junkie.
“Quick” sounds like “Speed”!
When I read this comic, I didn’t think like that.
Umm, interesting point of view!

By the way, he learns Japanese from Doraemon!!
I’ve borrowed Doraemon from American friend.
Is it weird?

Come on, Doraemon! You must be junkie!!

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