The discrepancy between the vibe of the music and its lyrics

I’m not a professional DJ, but I do know a bit of DJing. One of the things that a DJ does is mixing a song into the next song like creating a story tale. The most important thing is the flow of songs and DJs have to know which songs have what kind of atmospheres because the connection between songs should like a smooth musical story. So, DJs have to be able to feel the mood of the song. I try to feel the song and categorize them. It is not always concrete, though. And DJs mix from song to song which have similar vibes.

Sorry for having such a long preamble, what I want to say is I can recognize the difference between my feelings about a song’s vibe and its theme of lyrics these days. Before my policy of listening music is just feeling the sounds. I didn’t care about what the musician is singing and vocal is one of the instruments for me. But nowadays I try to understand what they are singing about and this discrepancy problem comes out. For instance, there was a song that I could feel a positive vibe, but the lyric was negative. I stand up against this problem and try to seek of a way to solve it. I’m not sure but one of the solutions is that I have to listen to the sounds and lyric simultaneously before I get some image of songs.

Do you have the same experience which you can feel the discrepancy?

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